Netizens beg for the sole Lee Jung Hee article on Naver not to be deleted

With more and more netizens around the world trying to get justice for Lee Jung Hee and her sons, Korean netizens have flooded a particular article on Naver.

Originally posted on June 26th by Kookmin Ilbo and written by university reporter Seo Hee Soo, the report shares the story of Lee Jung Hee and her two sons who have been sold into prostitution and raped repeatedly by their husband/father for more than a decade.

It goes on to detail that after the police continuously ignored their pleas, they have resorted to posting on online boards and SNS, including YouTube with the video titled “It is true that we have been raped by our biological father” on June 23rd.

The eldest son also made an update while in the hospital for his sexual abuse injuries, begging netizens, “I’ve lived a hellish life for the past 10 years. Please believe and help us. We aren’t getting help from investigators, so we must rely on netizens as well.”

Police officials have said, “Although the accusers claims have not been all revealed even until now, we are investigating from various angles.”

This article is one of the very rare articles found on online sites as many have seemingly been taken down. To date, this article has over 87,000 comments.

The top comments says:

[+120,590 / -1,297] Please don’t delete the articles…

[+102,536 / -963] Please do the investigation properly. Don’t delete this. Let’s catch the real people involved in this and put them in jail.

[+93, 854 / -927] Wow… this is really the only article.

[+90,320 / -856] The mother even said.. she held a press conference, was interviewed by the media, and even sued people but to no avail.. that’s why she’s asking the public for help.. No one helped her, no one listened to her, she must have had such a hard time.. I feel responsible. I’ll fight to the end.

[+84,021 / -844] Please, everyone help.

[+22,550 / -182] This isn’t just a rape case between a father and sons. There are high-ranking people in play. Drug trafficking, child prostitution, sexual intercourse between family members, filming porn, selling porn, press control… This is the worse case scenario with so many events associated.

[+21,360 / -128] Thank you for writing this article university journalist-nim. It’ll probably get deleted, but thank you for boldly writing the truth. I hope you become a good journalist in the future.

[+19,911 / -119] This is the first time I’m leaving a comment, as a parent with children, I’m devastated to hear such a situation, I sincerely hope that this case gets investigated so that the mother and sons can have a new start, even if they’re punished they will still have to live with this pain, but if you don’t investigate, the family won’t have any hope, please investigated properly.

Source: Kookmin Ilbo