Netizens berate Song Mino for his lyrics that ‘crossed the line’

Contestants in SMTM4 make frequent use of vulgar language, but sometimes contestants may cross the line and infuriate viewers. This time, Song Mino of WINNER is being accused of crossing that ‘fine line’.

On July 10th, Mino participated in a 1 vs 1 battle against Kim Yong Soo. He crushed his competition and made it through the 3rd round with much praise.

After the broadcast aired, however, a line in his lyrics became the topic of much criticism.

The line in question is “Mino sniping the girls. Spread your legs like you’re at the gynecologist.”

Netizens who heard the line seemed infuriated at the fact that he made light of women.

[+ 4556, – 332] If you’re born a woman the gynecologist is a place you have to visit forever. You go to take care of your body but people look at you accusingly if they see you. It shows his level of thinking if he views gynecologists in such a way ㅋㅋ. If that’s hip-hop quit it. I can’t believe you have to be conscious of people for going to the hospital ㅋㅋ.

[+ 3754, – 239] I can’t believe there are people defending him ㅋㅋ everything you say forgivable if you call it hip-hop? If this is really hip-hop I guess hip-hop is not for me ㅋ…

[+ 3688, – 215] So how did your mom give birth to you?

Source: Kookmin Dailiy