Netizens Claim EXID Hani’s Younger Brother Is An ANGEL For Supporting His Sister During Time Of Need

After watching a recent broadcast featuring EXID‘s Hani and her younger brother, netizens couldn’t stop praising the siblings.

In addition to complimenting the duo on being close siblings, netizens were also surprised by an anecdote about Hani’s younger brother. According to the EXID member, back before her group became popular, he gave her his card to use because she wasn’t making an income. Netizens’ hearts melted after hearing about his kind act, and many flooded him with compliments.

Find out what Netizens had to say about this article below!


Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

[+ 2213, – 37] Hani’s brother’s so kind…Hani feels like the younger sister ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+ 1423, – 34] Hani child ㅋㅋㅋㅋ her brother’s an angel

[+ 1172, – 43] Her brother is so good looking too

[+ 1096, – 37] They’re so lovely. They put a smile on my face

[+ 880, – 37] Wow he gave her his credit card….what an angel

Source: X Sports News