Netizens claim Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun is AWKWARD at WHATEVER she does

In a recent Pann post titled “Seohyun is awkward at whatever she does,” netizens discussed Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun and her general awkwardness.

The original post highlighted that during the SM Entertainment girl group’s promotions for their newest track “Lion Heart,” Seohyun appears very awkward when she opens her mouth during the “lion dance” part of the song. Noting Seohyun’s timid personality, the post suggested that perhaps the concept did not fit with Seohyun’s image.

The original post goes on to add that despite the apparent criticism, the creator of the post does not hate Seohyun or Girls’ Generation and only made the post to express an opinion.

Other netizens have responded to the post with mixed reactions, but the post has generally received positive responses. Some netizens conceded that while Seohyun does appear awkward at times due to her personality, the awkwardness is cute rather than negative.




[+ 207, – 26] I know what you mean, when I teach dance there’s always a few people who copy choreography exactly but they always look a bit awkward ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. They don’t have the ‘feel’? Soul? but when I watch Seohyun I feel like that. She tries really hard, but she’s missing that tiny factor.

[+ 167, – 6] I agree she’s really beautiful this time too but there is an air of awkwardness about her. She is really beautiful though

[+ 147, – 10] It looks like she’s singing with no expression but a very ‘polite?’, ‘trying?’ lack of expression.

Source: Pann