Netizens claim papa YG is actually hurting iKON’s career?

With rookie group iKON set to release the second half of their debut album soon, YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk reassured fans that the group’s next song will be their best yet.

iKON definitely made a strong debut with their tracks “My Type” and “Rhythm Ta,” but Yang Hyun Suk recently assured fans that the best has yet to come. In a recent interview, the YG Entertainment founder said, “iKON’s best song is about to be released,” causing a lot of excitement for fans of the group. With such a strong debut to beat, fans are surely anticipating the group’s upcoming release!

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[+ 6440, – 398] His speech skills are on another level

[+ 5541, – 355] We’ll decide after listening please don’t get ahead of yourself

[+ 3661, – 321] Welcome back Boss Yang

[+ 3752, – 610] Here comes the media play

[+ 3083, – 211] Please papa YG I know you cherish iKON but if you want them to do well please stop the media play….please stop talking about them…please..and I’ve never seen a CEO do more interviews and appear on more broadcasts than the artists themselves

Source: OSEN