Netizens claim that SECRET’s Hyosung has a way better body than Hyuna

Fresh from promoting her latest comeback album Fantasia album and known to her fans for her sexy, voluptuous body, netizens argue that SECRET’s Hyosung has the best body within the K-Pop industry.

For example, a thread on Pann went viral after it was claimed that Hyosung has one of the best bodies amongst Korean celebrities. The post originally titled as “Honestly this girl has a body that’s way better than Hyuna‘s,” gathered a number of comments arguing over Hyosung’s voluptuous figure, further pitting her against Hyuna.

Aside from her promotional activities, the singer is also known for her provocative pictorials and lingerie endorsement deals.

Check out the full translation of the original post and comments below!

“Isn’t it Hyosung?..Honestly she beats all other idols in body ㅋㅋㅋㅋ There may not be idols who don’t have good bodies but Hyosung’s body is at a national treasure level…there’s a reason men all go crazy for Hyosung.”




[+ 169, – 27] For girls it’s Hyuna >>>> Hyosung but for the guy it’s Hyosung >>>>>>>>>>>> Hyuna

[+ 116, – 23] I only see boobs

[+ 108, – 37] She’s even sexier because she’s a little chubby ㅋㅋㅋ Hyosung is amazing

Source: Pann