Netizens claim the 2015 SBS Gayo Daejun was the WORST festival EVER?

Despite having an amazing lineup of performers, netizens are claiming that the 2015 SBS Gayo Daejun was the worst festival ever. 

The festival initially impressed fans by including the industry’s top stars, including EXOGirls’ GenerationPsy, and many more. However, fans claim that there were so many glaring issues with the show that it can be considered one of the worst festivals that they’ve ever seen. While media outlets praised the show for an incredible lineup of guests and unique collaboration stages, netizens pointed out issues such as technical errors, unfair performance times, and preferential treatment toward different groups.

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[+ 53, – 0] The camera angels were so terrible and the mic quality was awful

[+ 51, – 0] They moved the camera angles so much that we missed all the choreography. Fan cams are honestly better. Why do they keep only filming the singers’ heads….

[+ 39, – 1] SM let’s just focus on SM concerts and forget about these SM assholes.

Source: Pann