Korean fans claim to have found a Chinese twin of Suzy?

Netizens have recently claimed that they have found Suzy‘s counterpart, a Chinese actress.

Bai Baihe, a Chinese actress, has recently caught the attention of netizens for having an apparent uncanny resemblance to Miss A‘s Bae Suzy.


The 31-year-old actress is 11 years Suzy’s senior and is best known for her breakout role in the 2011 romantic comedy Love is Not Blind.

– “Their noses and mouths are kinda similar.

– “As a non-fan and just judging by the photos she does look like Suzy (or Suzy looks like her if this Chinese actress is older)

– “I think it’s just the eyes lol.

Many netizens completely disagree, however, so here are a few comparisons so you can decide for yourself:

bai bae
Left: Bai Baihe, Right: Bae Suzy
Left: Bai Baihe, Right: Bae Suzy
Left: Bai Baihe, Right: Bae Suzy

Source: Instiz