Netizens compile list of big shot male idol maknaes

Netizens discuss a list of male idol maknaes who actually act as the big shots of the group.

Originally titled “Boy Group Maknaes On Top,” netizens discuss list of boy group maknae big shots.

Here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

“I added more maknaes to the post!

“Please let me know if there are more maknae big shots so I can add them haha”

SHINee’s Taemin


“There is nothing to say. He has the boldness not to bend his back with the rest hahahahahahahah

“+) I added GIF too hahahahahahaha”


INFINITE’s Sungjong


“F**k hahahhahahaahaha Sungjong really is the big shot of the group hahahahahaha

“Sungkyu automatically gives the microphone shocked hahahahahahaahah”


Translation: “11. When the hyungs hit Sungjong when the camera comes in, he says, ‘Hyung, what are you doing?’ But when there are no cameras Sungjong says, ‘You mind your own business.'”

EXO’s Sehun



Question: “Sehun oppa, what are you most happy doing?”

Sehun: “When I’m doing something with my members? Whatever it is”

Question: “If you could be a hyung for a whole day, which hyungs would you want to make you dongsaeng?”

Sehun: Chanyeol and Baekhyun

Question: “Oppa, why do you look so good in school uniform T_T_T? I look so bad in them… How do I look good as you do in uniform..?”

Sehun: “I think for a student to wear their uniform is happiness. Because it means that you have a student identity, there is no such thing as looking good in it or not. I haven’t seen it in real life but I think you’ll look great it it.”

Question: “Sehun Oppa <3~ What do you think you rank in EXO in terms of appearance?”

Sehun: “I’ll be humble and place myself last”

Question: “The fans assume that you are ‘Sil-Sehun’ because you are a Silsae (big shot) and Sehun. What do you think about that?”

Sehun: “I admit it. I am a silsae (big shot) haha”

“Sehun is known for it yes yes. He admits it himself that he is sil-sehun hahahaahahaha

“+) Sehun, who only lives for today hahahahhahahaahha is he a mosquito? hahahahahahahaha”


WINNER’s Nam Taehyun


“Maknae who blocks from the oldest hyung from coming out hahahahahahaha why is this so funny? hahahahahahhaha

“Biggest hyung and maknae below hahahahahahaha


“Please respond to his aegyo hahahahahahhahahaha”

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun


“Him laughing is even scarier hahahahahaha

“+) Eunhyuk……..”


“No need to say anything. He plays around with Hyukjae hyung who is two years older.

TVXQ’s Changmin


Translation: “The big shots don’t pray”


“I don’t bow my head

“He is the one who started the maknae on top series haha. He is the big shot who controlled his hyungs.

“Especially, he played around with leader Junsu hahah


Translation: “I’m not saying just because I’m in the same group with them but I could say Jaejoong hyung and Changmin hyung”

“He calls him Changmin hyung hahahahahahahahahahahahaha Junsu.. you’re the hyung hahahahahahahhaha”

“+) Additions from here”

BTOB’s Sungjae


Sekwang via Twitter: “This is Yook Sungjae’s true colors everyone!!”

[Picture of conversation between Sekwang and Sungjae]

Yook Sungjae: “Work hard”

Yook Sungjae: “Haha”

Sekwang: “hahahahhahaahahhahaahahahhahaa”

Retweeted by Sungjae: @BTOB_SEKwang “I told you not to post this right”

VIXX’s Hyuk


“Leo getting pushed around by the maknae hahahahahaahhahahahhahah”

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 12.03.20 PM

[+268, -21] He is the real maknae on top…. hahahahhaha

[+263, -19] hahahahahahahahahah Lee Sung Jong following Myungsoo hahahahhahahahaahah

[+148, -20] Jonghyun (Taemin’s fan club president): hehehehehheeheehe

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