Netizens console Seolhyun after she addresses haters on her birthday

While AOA‘s Seolhyun celebrated her 22nd birthday on January 3rd, she also addressed her haters on her Instagram account. 

The FNC Entertainment singer commented saying that even though a lot of people have shown hatred against her, she’s still happy that she has her fans. In light of her comment, many fans have shown their support and wished her a happy birthday on her Instagram post. Netizens online have also come to console her, noting that despite the hate, many fans still wish she will continue to find success.

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“Hello this is Seolhyun. It’s already the 3rd day of 2016. It’s my birthday today and from messages of congratulations that came as soon as it hit 12:00am, fan letters, congratulations from staff and all the other things today was a very happy day!! I think 2015 was a year of being wounded and healing. I ran around without even time to sleep so i stumbled a lot but the reason I was able to continue getting up was all the love that I’m receiving. I know there are people who hate me and comment bad things about me but I know there are those who love me and wish me true happiness. Thanks to them and all the people who help me from a far I am truly happy. I cannot thank those who made my year a happy one enough. FNC staff, AOA members, style team, dance team, Jack Hamille, Eunyoung, Setbyul, Jisun, Minkyung, Sunhwa, Haekang, Jieun and Kyunggi High friends, Elvis. I am thankful to god who allowed me to be born into my family. Everyone please enjoy luck, happiness, health and riches in 2016.

Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

[+ 2016, – 317] The company really needs to stop caring about media play and care more about malicious comments

[+ 1684, – 275] It’s true there is a sense that she’s being overplayed compared to the talent she has. I hope this year she builds on her strength rather than attempt to be active in many different fields.

[+ 2533, – 562] Please don’t let those comments get to you and all the luck to you!

Source: MyDaily