Netizens correlate YG Entertainment’s stocks dropping to iKON’s debut

An interesting figure has been gaining attention online as it was discovered that YG Entertainment’s stocks have been gradually decreasing. 

On October 22nd, a post on Instiz highlighted the downward spiral of YG Entertainment’s stocks since hitting their peak during PSY’s “Gangnam Style.” However, the upward trend started to drop significantly just before iKON’s debut.

This has sparked various responses blaming the agency for prematurely promoting iKON along with the number of controversies they were involved in prior to their album release.

Furthermore, the netizens also posted alleged responses from shareholders replying to the downward trend. A shareholder explained that stocks were gradually increasing as they were waiting for iKON’s debut, but the reaction of the public ran short as they did not meet the expected standard put out by BIGBANG and WINNER. The incident was further pointed as one of the main reason why the stocks are decreasing. Other shareholders shared the sentiments and disproved the group’s debut claiming that their music and personalities did not attract that much support from their fans as predicted.

Netizens posted with varied reactions on the issue with some claiming that expectations from the group are indeed high despite being a new artist, while others pointed the blame to YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk

In other news, the agency recently expressed their plans to purchase KFC in South Korea.


Source: Instiz