Netizens criticize Apink’s Bomi for her actions on “Real Men”

The women’s special episodes of Real Men has been garnering a lot of popularity, with a lot of the attention going to Apink member Bomi after the most recent episode.

On the February 8th episode of the show, the girls experienced the the tear gas chamber, which they described as their most difficult experience and something they would never want to have to repeat. In particular, Apink’s Bomi seemed scared to even put on the mask and showed the most tears during the gas chamber training.

However, during the ending ceremony of the military training camp, Bomi appear to have made everyone smile with her request to add Apink’s picture on the water fountains. Girl’s Day member Hyeri had requested to change the picture from Apink to Girl’s Day during her appearance on the show previously.

But while Bomi stole the hearts of those who were with her on the show, netizens’ responses haven’t been quite as positive. In fact, netizens have criticized the singer for exaggerating her reactions and appearing as though she was acting too much.

One such netizen noted, “Bomi…Were you trying to shoot mukbangs and blow up into a star to film advertisements? You’re the biggest nuisance and the most unlikable character these days.

Another netizen added, “Bomi acted like she was being too conscious of Hyeri ㅋㅋ It showed that she was trying to be cute…Kang Yewon is a real nuisance and Park Hasun ㅋㅋ sounded like she was acting the whole time.

Netizens who did not appreciate Bomi’s actions on the show even went as far as to criticize the entire show. One such netizen wrote, “Well I know I won’t be watching if they air a third women’s special.

Source: TV Daily