Netizens criticize Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon over alleged attitude problems on stage

After Girls’ Generation’s stage on Inkigayo on Sunday, Taeyeon is under fire for allegedly showing attitude problems on stage.

Taeyeon has been the recent hot topic of discussion after allegedly showing attitude problems on stage as she performed with Girls’ Generation on Inkigayo last Sunday.

On July 19th, the group was nominated for first place and appeared on stage to perform their latest comeback track, “Party.” While on stage, however, Taeyeon was seen skipping their original choreography, solely doing other moves, portraying an insincere performance.

This is not the first time that singer has been criticised for her attitude on stage as a previous incident of the same nature back in 2011 in U.S MTV’s MTV Iggy resurfaced. During the guesting, she was criticised for making negative and apathetic facial expressions throughout the performance.  In response to the past incident, Tiffany appeared of MBC’s Radio Star and explained that, “All members were sick and were jet lagged.”

Since the episode aired, netizens have left comments saying:

[ +1104 / -252] I think she has a problem if she had the same controversy before

[ +1002 / -207] She really can’t take care of her facial expressions; is she having a bad day everyday? She always only posts pictures of her being happy on Instagram. Due to that, she seems like a person that wants everyone know what she is feeling.

[ +934 / -167] I believe hiding your condition and taking care of your facial expressions are what it takes to be a professional personally.

[ +624 / -196] Taeyeon have suddenly pretending to be so chic these days. After seeing the perfromance, it seems like she is on top and looks down on the song they have as if it’s for a new group. She is half-assing the dance. I don’t think I am the only one that felt that way. ha.

[ +562 / -173] You cant really date. Alone.

[ +210 / -67] I like Girls’ Generation but how many times do they go through attitude problem controversies… they only apologize for that time… So this way we can really know Taeyeon’s true colors inside.

Source: Sports Chosun