Netizens criticize KARA’s Seungyeon for hypocritical comment on the radio

On a recent episode of “Kim Shin Young’s Song Requests at Noon,” KARA member Seungyeon made a special appearance but ended up being criticized for her comments.

Recently, KARA made their comeback with their latest mini-album and comeback title track, “CUPID.” Since then, they have promoted their comeback through a MelOn Premiere Showcase and music show performances as well as through a dance practice video for “CUPID.” However, netizens have shown a rather cold response to their comeback after their initial mixed reactions.

It seems as though netizens are now more unhappy, as they criticized member Seungyeon for her comments on a recent broadcast of the MBC FM4U radio show, “Kim Shin Young’s Song Requests at Noon.” During the show, host Kim Shin Young asked Seungyeon, “Do you guys [KARA] have deep discussions about the stage performances of other girl groups?” To this, the KARA member answered, “We worry about whether or not they are worried about the shortness of their pants. We are unnies to most of them…sometimes we worry that they are too short [to perform in].”

Netizens attacked this comment and bashed Seungyeon, reasoning that her statement was rather hypocritical, seeing as how her own group, KARA, also wears pants that are very short for their album concepts and live stage performances. In fact, KARA’s latest concept and music video for “CUPID” features the members of KARA wearing pants that are just as short as the ones that other currently-active girl groups in the industry can be seen wearing.

On the original article written by Korean media outlet OSEN, netizens left comments citing the hypocriticalness of Seungyeon’s statement, some of which are translated below:

[+ 1550, – 58] Your pants in the picture are very short as well..

[+ 1325, – 68] Why don’t you worry about your own pants first

[+ 1069, – 55] KARA’s pants are extremely short as well…

What do you think about her comment and answer to the question?

Source: OSEN