[★TRENDING] Netizens criticize SM for Yeri’s addition in Red Velvet

Following the sudden addition of Yeri to SM Entertainment girl group Red Velvet, fans have been worrying about the group’s status and popularity. 

Despite the group’s successful promotion for their latest album Ice Cream Cake, there have been some discussion among fans in regards to the group’s position in the industry.

One particular fan noted that in the past, Red Velvet was acknowledged by many as a rookie group with the rare ability to sing very well live, but now that has been buried by the addition of new maknae Yeri. The netizen wrote:

People used to talk about how they [Red Velvet] were good at singing live for rookies but nowadays, it’s getting buried… People say that they were doing well with four members. As a Red Velvet fan, I listened to their MR [music removed] performances and there is no solution for Yeri.

According to her, she trained for five years, however, I even find it hard to listen to the few seconds she sings. Irene, who was the weaker member [before Yeri’s addition] was able to sing her part just fine.

I just think it is a shame. During their Happiness era, people said that they were sang well live.

I can’t even shield her when people say that she can’t sing or when they ask for fancam proofs to showcase her dancing skills.

I hope she practices more for their next album!

While some netizens agreed with her, posting “OT4” photos with the original four members, the top voted comments seemed to sympathize with the new maknae.

Others left comments on the forum saying:

[+303, -7] Also Joy’s position has become ambiguous now…

[+240, -8] I also thought the atmosphere was better when there was only four members, they differentiated themselves more from other groups and were more mature? When Yeri was added, the group became more refreshing which is not a bad thing, could actually be a good thing, but I kinda miss the old Red Velvet

[+124, -39] Looks like only antis are commenting. Let’s just support them all, they are precious kids

[+103, -3] I’m a Red Velvet and I don’t really hate Yeri but I’m not really sure since she hasn’t been able to show her full potential yet. As for visuals, they appointed Yeri as an MC instead of Irene, and at least Joy is in a variety show now…Even between the Red Velvet members, they always only mention Yeri. When I saw that, I felt kinda eh.. they only give Yeri attention, and while she’s pretty, personally, I like Seulgi the most. I’m upset because they don’t really push the original members. Because of Yeri, they had to divide Happiness between 5 members and when I saw her parts, it was just so-so

[+77, -6] Seeing the comments here, there are only pictures of four members and half of them are just antis pretending to be fans

[+75, -3] Actually the members all get along and take care of one another. Because they match well, they are promoting together. The fans are really hehehe…I I wish that people could refrain from writing posts about whether its a shame or not that Yeri was added; think a bit about what Yeri will feel if she reads that

[+73, -10] When Yeri joined, Red Velvet’s fanbase increased. It’s not because they were fans of Yeri, however, because of news of her joining, people took interest in the group. Even though Ice Cream Cake was a good song, if you go on SNS, everyone was talking about how Yeri was pretty and noticed the group because of her hahaha I think that their media-play was done very well. RV received even more interest after she joined. People found it unique that they were adding a member to the group. Also the choreography is prettier with five members dancing.

[+54, -3] If you’re a fan, you should support them all ~ it’s not like she didn’t train for a long time under SM [Entertainment]

What do you think about SM Entertainment‘s addition to their newest rookie group?

Source: Pann