Netizens Debate: Does This Hairstyle Look Good On Female Celebrities?

A number of female celebrities have rocked it and gained attention for it, but for some reason, the same cropped hairstyle continues to get divided opinions. 

Although no one really knows who started the trend, the hairstyle rocked by Go Jun Hee and just recently, TWICE’s Jungyeon, continue to get divided opinions over their cropped style.

The article initially published on Daum Cafe managed to list down the female celebrities who owned the look, which left the netizens convinced to try it for an updated summer look. Some, however, argued the importance of having the right face shape for the cut, as others feel that the style will make them look less feminine instead.

Jungyeon, for example, gained much attention not only for her debut with TWICE, but also for rocking the look perfect for latest concept image.







Source: Daum Cafe