Netizens defend Suzy against anti-fans on miss A comeback teaser articles

With news of her relationship with actor Lee Min Ho and her group miss A‘s nearing comeback, Suzy has definitely been in the news lately.

Despite many fans supporting her relationship, however, there have also been those who have attacked the singer for her actions. In particular, the singer’s anti-fans have been criticizing her for checking-in to the same hotel as boyfriend Lee Min Ho.

Initially, comments regarding the couple’s actions were filled with anti-fans criticizing the miss A member’s irrationally and potentially risqué behavior; however, netizens began defending Suzy against the hate comments from her antis.

Despite all of the negativity towards Suzy’s actions, the top comments from popular internet sites such as Pann and TV Report have been generally positive ones, such as the two provided below.

1. [+ 9705, – 1769] After Suzy started dating Lee Min Ho there’s so many bad comments..she was even honest about it right away unlike many other celebrities. I don’t know why they would say such thing..I hope you two have a beautiful relationship.

2. [+ 8209, – 1337] If they’re dating, they’re dating, it’s not like they’re underage. Why is everyone so childish ㅋㅋㅋㅋ No one says anything to Lee Min Ho but they sexually insult Suzy. The relationship involves both parties and yet, they all just chew out Suzy. I will never understand such low lives.

One netizen even wrote a post on Pann about what he/she had felt from observing the public’s comments towards Suzy. In the comment, the netizen spoke about the double-standard regarding men and women in South Korean society, and the culture of anti-fans and online hate speech.

“Korea and its views are especially strict when it comes to women. Both Lee Min Ho and Suzy checked into the hotel but the public chastises only Suzy with comments such as, ‘she’s young but she acts like a slut,’ ‘she went to the hotel only after 2 months,’ ‘she’s a cheap girl.’ So it’s wrong for a young person to go to a hotel, but it’s okay for you people to sexually harass such a young girl? If you want to stick your nose in other people’s business why don’t you go in front of a club and scream ‘People who do one night stands are disgusting!’

Same goes for women. In other sexual articles, you criticize men saying that women are weak and should be protected but when it comes to female celebrities you all become hypocrites.

Suzy debuted at a young age and received a lot of criticism while making it to the top. And as she had said multiple times during interviews, she believes that popularity is not everlasting. You could tell that she was under a lot of pressure being the only person in miss A that was doing so well. I think meeting the right boyfriend will do a lot of positive things for her. They could last long or not, but at this point that’s nobody’s business but themselves.

Suzy didn’t do anything wrong by her fans, she’s working as hard as she can and dating at the same time. If you’re a true fan, you should hope that by dating Lee Min Ho she can heal from all the hurt she’s received.

So stop sticking your nose in other people’s love life whether they checked into the same hotel or not.”

Despite the positive netizens, however, the issue is still quite sensitive among fans, with many people holding strong opinions. For example, a comment from a netizen below received both negative and positive responses, showing that the issue is in fact still very controversial.

3. [+ 112, -111] Honestly they’re just jealous because the only places they can afford are run-down motels and from the reports, it looks like her boyfriend is pulling all the stops and they checked into a world class hotel. Suzy is pretty, popular, rich and now she has a great boyfriend so it makes them mad with jealousy. You might be at a loss of words because what I’m saying is right. You might call me a Suzy fan girl but I don’t even like girl groups, I’m a boy group fan. I don’t get what the big deal is with two adults going to a hotel. If you really are that archaic in your thinking, go to a motel and lecture people going in and stop writing stuff on the net.

Source: Pann and TV Report