Netizens discover the princess of plaid

Netizens have always been quick to show their keen sense of fashion. This time, their eagle eyes are paired with this talent as they identify the princess of plaid, an idol who rocks the look in various concepts.

The idol is soloist IU who shares her love for plaid while showcasing different looks as needed. Following her speedy rise to fame, the star has gone through many concept changes: cute, sexy, school girl, and girl next door.

It seems that regardless of which one she chooses, her love for plaid and ability to pull it off do not fade. In photos compiled by netizens below, IU takes on the title of plaid princess with plaid blankets, button-ups, jumpers, coats, and skirts.

Check it out below:

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iu 1

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[+ 112, – 31] IU is pretty I admit, I admit she is an amazing singer. But I also admit that she is supporting pedophilia.

[+ 112, – 86] I don’t really know if this deserves and entire post….?

[+ 109, – 146] Even her back is beautiful…


[+ 58, – 61] I don’t like IU but I admit she looks really pretty recently.

Source: Pann