Netizens Discuss G-Friend Yuju’s Dancing Talent

Although rookie girl group G-Friend has been known for their incredible dancing skills, netizens are claiming that not all of the group members are good at dancing. 

According to a post on Instiz, member Yuju‘s dancing ability is quite lacking compared to her fellow group members. Using a video of one of the group’s recent performances, the post claims that the group’s lead vocalist needs to work on her dancing.

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Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

  • I’m not even a fan…and I think Yuju’s  the second best after SinB
  • I know she’s a powerful dancer but I do wish she would accent her dances at times
  • She’s not bad it’s just she doesn’t look like a naturally gifted dancer
  • She’s jut a hard worker it’s not like she’s bad
  • I never thought this once watching her dance all this time..

Source: Instiz