Netizens discuss Girls’ Generation’s random “leg spreading” choreography

Recently, a post discussing a certain point choreography in Girls’ Generation’s new music video “Lion Heart” has gained popularity among netizens.

Originally titled, “Am I the only one that finds this dance super random?”, here is the translated post and comments below:

“They were doing pretty, cutesy dances and this seems so out of place. I’m not saying I don’t like that leg spreading choreography but their song is so bright and it was just random…Even their dresses are elegant and princess-like and that choreography looks like it doesn’t fit at all.”

[+192, -9] Sooyoung has such long legs that this choreography makes her look like a water strider…I’m not an anti

[+132, -7] I was surprised when that choreography suddenly came out

[+92, -12] When I saw that I was a little surprised and worried that these girls are going to get chewed out now

[ +61 / -4] It is Girls’ Generation so that is why people are saying it’s random. If it was any other groups that do sexy concepts, they will get criticized.. If Hyosug or Girls’ Day did that, they would have gotten so much crap.

[ +46 / -1] They are so pretty but the choreography to be honest….. They are also wearing dresses; Skinny? It would be less weird if they were wearing pants. So random and weird.

[ +45 / 0] It looks weirder because of the dress but it would have been okay with skinny pants. I guess they fought with their choreographer.

Source: Pann

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