Netizens discuss GOT7 Jackson’s new and improved look

After recent photos of GOT7’s Jackson emerged online, netizens discuss his much improved look

GOT7’s Jackson is known for his rapping skills as well as his dancing skills. After GOT7’s comeback with “Just Right,” netizens discuss Jackson’s more improved style and look.

Originally titled “Jackson Was Always This Good,” here is the full translation of the post and comments below.

“He really improved his looks after recent comeback!”

“His image completely changed after becoming blond”

“Woah so sexy… This is Jackson’s signature look with his eyes. Yeah that’s it~~~~!!!!!<3”


“He plays around so much that I didn’t know he had a sexiness in him :(“

“Forgive me for not noticing this……”




“Oh my God”

“Is this really King Jackson?…. So handsome f*cking handsome


“I think I’ll be Jackson’s lover.. Jackson lover”


“I guess he took a picture with Sunny who he got close with through ‘Roommate’ good looking man and woman :(“

“Jackson, how did you get so handsome? So unfamiliar..”

“Where is the joker from ‘Roommate?'”


“God~~~~~~~~~ Jackson~~~~~~~~~~~”



“Well he was always handsome”

“He has no limits in what he does to his hair”


“Am I the only one who saw Jackson in a different way after turning blonde”

“I saw jackson different this time (wink)”

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[ +81 / -1] His appeal is being random hahahaha


[ +80 / 0] People who have sharp eyes, nose on lips on TV look really good in real life

[ +70 / 0] His case is that he got popular for his appeals but is also handsome

Source: Pann