Netizens discuss idol groups who failed on the charts with their recent comebacks

On a popular online Korean community called Pann, netizens discussed veteran idols who recently made comebacks…only to “fail.”

Originally titled, “Idols who have recently failed their comebacks completely,” the articles discussed two veteran K-Pop groups whose comeback songs are ranked very low on Melon charts.


CNBLUE and SUPER JUNIOR‘s Melon Charts is so bad…CNBLUE has been out for 3 days and Super Junior a day…and their rankings are still so low..”

[+ 444, – 40] Serves FNC right going around saying they’re one of the big 3 now ㅋㅋㅋ now do you see the reality?

[+ 414, – 553] Didn’t Beast’s comeback flop too?

[+ 377,  – 308] TEEN TOP, B1A4, VIXX LR and Got7 flopped too

Source: Pann