Netizens Discuss Korea’s Top 5 Child Stars Who Have Matured Into AMAZING Actors

While there are many child actors in the entertainment industry, not all have found success in transitioning into acting as adult characters. 

However, a few have shown so much skill and potential in their acting that they’ve been very successful so far in becoming recognized as adult actors. Although they’re still very young, these five actors have shown so much skill and professionalism that fans are expecting a lot from them as they continue to mature.

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Yeo Jin Goo


Kim Yoo Jung


Kim So Hyun


Kim Sae Ron


Kim Hyang Gi


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[+ 4310, – 147] Where’s Yoo Seung Ho??

[+ 3607, – 83] Kim Hyang Gi was shockingly cute…she’s still adorable now I’m thankful they all grew up well

[+ 2572, – 65] I think the rivalry between Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung will continue. I hope they keep a good competitive spirit and grow well together.

Source: Sports Seoul