Netizens discuss a life with no friends

Many people believe that netizens spend all their time on the internet and don’t have any friends, and a recent post on Pann reveals that this is at least sometimes true. 

Titled “No friend life,” the creator of the post asked fellow netizens what someone with no friends should do while they are alone. Apparently the creator of the post is not currently living with family, and he or she does not have any hobbies like gaming.

Although the post was quite simple and not related to entertainment, many netizens responded to the post, and while some may expect negative replies to the post, many responses were actually quite positive and can give readers a look into the lives of some netizens. While living alone and having no friends might seem sad, some netizens admitted that they enjoyed having time alone, while others said even though they actually do have some friends, they enjoy time by themselves the most.

“I have no friends and I live with  family. I’m scared that if anyone finds out what I’m thinking I’ll be taken advantage of and that’s embedded so deep into me that I can’t make friends. Whenever something happens I feel so alone and cry by myself. Recently I’ve starte to feel lonely..I make money but what for? There’s no where to spend it no one to have fun with… What do you guys do when you’re alone?? Is there a hobby for loners like me or a game that I could play even??? Can you guys give me suggestions?”

[+ 95, – 1] I usually drink beer and watch a movie or go out shopping. I sometimes cook a fancy meal for myself and plate it well. I have friends but I like spending time alone. Try to think of it as having your own time and not being friendless. There is a lot to do. I’m not outspoken just like you so I tend to let things simmer inside of me. What I do is I rant in a notebook or on memo on my phone that usually helps relieve stress.

[+ 66, – 14] I actually tried just being alone when I was 21 and it was the most fun I ever had. Way better than being with friends.

[+ 62, – 93] I actually prefer being alone because of the drama that comes with being around women. They’re so jealous and prone to drama…

Source: Pann