Netizens discuss Luna’s drastic face change after weight loss

A post titled, “Heol f(x) Luna;;; Why did her face change so much” went viral recently on a community site called Pann.




“I didn’t realize this was Luna;; What did they do??? She turned so pretty”

[+ 41, – 14] I guess they remodeled her now that she’s popular

[+ 29, – 5] Heol she did it!! That much change is impossible with just weight loss;; Looks like she shaved her face or something during hiatus? She had a certain facial structure but look at her face it’s so slim now. How did she do it;;I didn’t even realize it was Luna. She turned so pretty Daebak

[+ 28, – 1] I thought she was Boa for sure ㅋㅋ

Source: Pann