Netizens discuss nominees for rookie acting award

The nominees for the rookie acting awards have been announced for both male and female actors.

A recent post on Pann has garnered traction following the announcement of the nominated actors and actresses for this year’s best rookie award.

Many idols have ventured into the path of acting as can be seen with the list of nominees. Just to name a few, WINNER’s Nam Taehyun, BTOB’s Sungjae, and EXO’s Chanyeol have been nominated.

Below is the list of nominees:

Nam Taehyun – SBS Late Night Restaurant
Chanyeol – web drama EXO Next Door
Sungjae – KBS Who Are You – School 2015
Nam Joo Hyuk – KBS Who Are You – School 2015
Seo Young Joo – KBS Snowy Road

Lim Ji Yeon – SBS High Society
Chae Soo Bin – KBS Bluebird House
Jo Soo Hyang – KBS Who Are You – School 2015
Lee Sung Kyung – MBC Queen’s Flower
Kim Seolhyun – KBS Orange Marmalade

Netizens have expressed both approval and disagreement following the release of this list:

[+ 116, – 1] I have no hatred or bitterness when I say this. Why is Nam Taehyun and Chanyeol there…? I thought D.O would be there..

[+ 76, – 2] I think Sungjae will win for males because the rest of them are criticized heavily and for girls I think Jo Soo Hyang or Lee Sung Kyung will get it…

[+ 49, – 0 ] I think Jo Soo Hyang

Source: Pann, Comments: Pann via Nate