Netizens discuss PHYSICAL features and their MALE vs FEMALE equivalents

Netizens discuss a comparison of which female body parts equal to male body parts.

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Originally posted on Pann, netizens discuss a comparison to which female body parts equal to which male body parts.

Titled “Organization of Male and Female Body Parts,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

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Males                                Females

Shoulders            =            Pelvis

Back                      =            Buttocks

Waist                    =            Waist

Height                  =            Boobs

Arm muscles       =           Thighs

Pelvis                   =             Shoulders

“This is my opinion.

Please add on your opinions too on the comment section!”

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[ +26 / -1] So basically if you flip the guy upside down, they become a girl right? haha

[ +24 / -23] How is their shoulder similar to females’ pelvis. Shoulders can be improved through exercise but pelvic bones cannot get bigger through anything. Even if you do squats all day, does pelvic bones gain muscle and get bigger? Shoulders can be improved but pelvic bone is something you have to be gifted from birth with

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