Netizens discuss Sulli’s incredibly pale complexion

Pale skin is incredibly sought after in Korea, but netizens recently discussed how Sulli‘s incredibly pale complexion might not be a good thing.

Despite the fact that pale skin is one of the most sought-after beauty features in Korea, a recent post about Sulli’s skin being too pale has been receiving a lot of attention lately. The post primarily compared Sulli to Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, who is already considered quite pale. Despite that, however, even Taeyeon looks tanned compared to Sulli, causing the post to gain quite a lot of attention from netizens. A translation of the post and all the photos can be found below:

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Seriously, she’s even lighter than Taeyeon, who’s already really pale.
+She’s almost cool-toned.. (as opposed to warm-toned, which means alive)

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[+ 266, – 171] Nice Try


[+ 214, – 62] Wow…Suli is too beautiful…

[+ 178, – 18] Suli is so beautiful


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