Netizens discuss the reason BTOB will never be #1

On July 5th KST, a fan of BTOB diagnosed why they have never reached #1 on music charts.

The fan stated 3 reasons why BTOB cannot reach #1:

1. Honestly their comeback song is really good this time and there are a lot of compliments going around and now is a golden chance for them. But BIGBANG, Sistar, SNSD, and AOA are all making a comeback and now the chance of them ever reaching 1st place is very small. This means CUBE chose the wrong time for them to make a comeback. These boys however are very skilled and the public are appreciating them.

2. The fandom isn’t very loyal. They have many elementary school fans because of Yook Sung Jae in “Who Are You”. And their official fan clubs count is up to 80,000. But fans that actually vote and stream are only few and their rankings are barely moving.

3. The company isn’t really promoting them properly. CEO Hong is sick and Park Choong Min is taking care of things. Not only does he fail to promote them he is planning to send them to Japan when now is their best chance of becoming popular. They said they’ll promote for a month in Korea before they leave and I hope they’ll release a follow up song at least.

I know some fans will be angry with me but it’s the truth. I am a fan and I want to see them reach number 1 too. 

[+ 158, – 11] I really want to see theses guys get #1. I’ve been keeping my eye on them since debut…

[+ 128, – 6] Seriously the elementary school fans go obba obba~♥ They’re only in it because they’re handsome. They don’t really like these guys nor do they stream ffs ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m not their fans but they choke me too

[+ 126, – 3] No.. I’m not choked…you’re right on everything ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I’m so depressed I want them to make it soon maybe I’ll see them cry because they won a music show

Source: Pann