Netizens Discuss The TRUE Reason They’re JEALOUS Of K-Pop Girl Group Red Velvet

With their incredible dancing, singing, and visuals, girl group Red Velvet has quickly become one of the most popular groups in the industry. 

Despite the girls’ talents, however, when netizens discussed what Red Velvet has that they’re most jealous of, many agreed that it was the fact that the girls are constantly surrounded by handsome male idols. With fellow SM Entertainment groups Super JuniorSHINee, and EXO looking over them, the girls definitely have plenty of eye candy around them that netizens would love to have. In fact, with rookie group NCT just having debuted, the girls are definitely surrounded by handsome male idols.

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1 red velvet

2 red velvet

3 red velvet

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5 red velvet

6 red velvet

7 red velvet

8 red velvet

9 red velvet

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12 red velvet

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[+ 106, – 85] Their dongsaengs are handsome too

[+ 96, – 2] The visual of SM actors and idols..


[+ 85, – 2] I’m more jealous of NCT rather than RV

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