Netizens discuss top 5 best looking male idols

Netizens on Pann gather to discuss which male idols they deem the most handsome and best-looking.

Originally posted on Pann, netizens discuss the top five best-looking male idols in k-pop.

Titled, “Personal Choices of Top 5 Male Idols,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

“I didn’t include BIG BANG T.O.P, INFINITE L and ZE:A Lim Siwan because I’ve always thought they’re on top. So these top 5 are not including T.O.P, L, and Siwan because they’re already too known to be good looking. These top 5 are not in specific order.”

1. EXO Suho

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 3.17.42 PM

“EXO looks like some type of prince. I heard even his anti-fans admitted his good looks”

2. SHINee Minho

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 3.17.50 PM

“Really, his looks don’t joke around….. He looks good even amongst actors.. really handsome”

3. WINNER Kim Jin Woo

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 3.17.55 PM

“I only knew Nam Taehyun from WINNER but I found some sculpture looking guy and it was WINNER Kim Jin Woo… yes yes..

4. BTS Jin

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 3.17.57 PM

“I had hard time choosing between V and Jin but Jin is more of my type… He looks like some rich family’s son”

5. VIXX Hongbin

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 3.17.59 PM

“I can’t explain him but he just has that handsome aura around him”

“This is my personal choice with no specific order. So please leave comments on your opinions”

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 3.18.02 PM

[ +47 / -27] How is he human… He is so beautiful…


[ +46 / -24] Thank you for mentioning Jin Woo!


[ +45 / -24] Wow..


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