Netizens discuss: Top 5 idols that also produce and write music

Netizens gather to discuss the top five male idols that also produce and write music.

Originally posted on Pann, titled “Top 5 Male Idols That Produce,” here is the direct translation of the post and the comments below.

“Thank you for voting me to top talk!!”

“I kept repeating it but this list is my opinion. I thought BTOB’s producer and writer was Jung Ilhoon but I guess it is in fact Lim Hyunsuk? I didn’t know 🙁 But I really liked Jung Ilhoon’s “If I Die Tomorrow” 🙁 Even if it was a remake, I really loved it so I included him!”

“And I know all of Block B’s songs. I even listen to Zico’s mix tapes! I like his b-list songs but I believe something may be lacking :(“

“Don’t be upset because this is my opinion and I know there are other idols that produce and write.”

1. G-Dragon


“To be honest, I didn’t even think about this because he started the trend of idols producing and writing. It was really shocking that he was going to comeback with an album that he solely produced. His songs are amazing. His lyrics are fun and interesting so I love listening to his music.”

2. Yong Junhyung


“I like all of BEAST’s songs..  I think it is also because he has a lot of experience too. I think he was the next idol that started to produce and write after G-Dragon. After G-Dragon led the way, he proved that idols can produce and write. I think Junhyung and G-Dragon are the best idols that produce and write.”

3. Zico


“He makes very fun music!! But to the masses, he seems a little lacking..? I guess he does hip hop and there are many good and fun Block B’s songs but sometimes it seems a little messy. But his solo songs made for hip hop are really good and his lyrics are really good as well..”

4. Jung Yonghwa


“I like all of CNBLUE’s songs but what are they doing these days 🙁 Jung Yonghwa makes really good music and also is on the rankings for producers. I hope he makes more music.”

5. Jung Ilhoon


“I was really considering the 5th place for a while but I put him up there due to my taste. He writes good lyrics and I think his songs are good. His lyrics are interesting and rhythmical? BTOB’s songs are amazing but I hope that people hear it more.”

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[ +183 / 37] Thank you G-Dragon!!


[ +180 / -71] I thought Jung Jinyoung would be in here. After his solo album, he always produces and writes


[ +158 / -73] Whoa thank you for including Jung Ilhoon!! But I think in BTOB, Hyunsik is good as well. And please don’t insult Jung Ilhoon…. I know he isn’t popular but he is really good!!!! 🙁 But the rest of the idols up there I agree completely.


Source: Pann