Netizens discuss whether or not sunbae fandoms support hoobae groups

A post on Pann brought up whether or not fans of popular groups support their groups’ respective hoobaes, leading to a discussion among fans of several groups. 

The post brought up four popular rookie girl groups, and suggested that the groups’ sunbae fans have contributed a large deal to their early popularity.

The post attributed Red Velvet‘s success to their senior groups in SM Entertainment, such as SHINee and f(x). Similarly, the post suggested that Inspirits (fans of Woollim Entertainment‘s male group Infinite) are supporting Lovelyz, Banas (fans of B1A4) are supporting Oh My Girl, and fans of Cube Entertainment groups (such as BEAST and 4Minute) are supporting CLC.

Many fans agreed with the idea that fans usually support their favorite groups’ label mates, but others disagreed with this suggestion.

[+ 145, – 12] Lovelyz and CLC fans should realize that we have been helping them. They need to realize what kind of status they are at right now.

[+ 80, – 5] I’m an Inspirit but I also stan Red Velvet. I don’t think I’m required to be a fan of Lovelyz just because of Infinite. It’s up to you who you choose to support.

[+ 78,- 10] This is going to turn into a war between Lovelyz fans vs Inspirts and CLC fans vs Melodies.

Source: Pann