Netizens express their admiration for Seolhyun’s advertisements

AOA‘s Seolhyun is one of the most popular female idols right now, and that’s thanks in part to her incredibly popular SK Telecom advertisements. 

Full-body photos of the FNC Entertainment singer can be seen as cardboard cutouts or giant wall stickers at mobile service stores all over Korea, and the advertisements have been so popular that fans have even been stealing cut-outs from stores after hours. Although Seolhyun is most associated with the second generation advertisement, which features her turning around with a welcoming hand, netizens discussed all three of the singer’s poses for the mobile service company, with most agreeing that she looks fantastic in all of them.

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[+ 34, -6] The power of a natural beauty…so regal and elegant..

[+ 34, – 4] I’m a woman and her ad made me stop and stare for a full minute..

[+32, – 6] So pretty…..

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