Netizens find evidence of SM trainee allegedly being a BULLY

Netizens gather to discuss a current SM trainee and her alleged bully past

In South Korea, bullies or also known as ‘iljins’ are usually pretty or handsome students that drink during their middle school or high school years and also bully other students for fun or money. Sometimes there ‘iljin’ past is brought up by students who have experienced such bullying by idols or celebrities that have made their debut. With evidence and witnesses, could there be another trainee that has a ‘iljin’ past?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens discuss a SM trainee’s alleged ‘iljin’ past with evidence and witnesses.

Titled “It Seems That Our School Iljin Became a SM Trainee,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

“She used to bully other students at our school. (I’m a victim too) She used to love EXO and was obsessed with them but now it seems that she became a trainee at SM Entertainment hahaahahahahahahahhahahaah I mean she is really pretty right???? Her body is good, her face shape is pretty and her forehead is beautiful. She is also the captain of the vocal team and she is also amazing at singing hahahahaahahhahahahah. But she got caught drinking at school which led her to do community service as a penalty. Also, she dates guys regularly and switches them often. But then 10 minutes ago, she posted on her Facebook page this post: ‘End of SNS. Start of my successful career as a singer.’ hahahahahahahahahaah I saw the comments on that post and the other ‘iljins’ that she hung out with kept saying ‘oh is EXO your senior group now,’ ‘oh introduce me to other celebrities once you debut’ and ‘tell me how girl’s generation, EXO and red velvet look in real life.’

I’m really in tears as she quit her SNS account thinking that she will be applauded by others since she is the one who bullied me and others. I can’t even think of it. You don’t think I won’t do anything if you make a debut?

I’m going to blow up your past to the public and I’m also going to reveal your friends.

Let’s see if you become successful or not.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 4.58.51 PM

Facebook post: Park Suyeon: “Any pretties down to drink with me?<3 Thank you for cooperating with me friend”

This is a Facebook post that my friend sent me after saving the screenshot…… Is this enough evidence…..? I covered her profile picture because I feel bad releasing her face yet… This picture means that she went to drink with her friends at her house…. Can I use this as evidence for now.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 4.58.58 PM

[ +362 / -3] Lol this is what Park Suyeon and her friends’ comments before they deleted it. Freaking funny haha

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 4.59.07 PM


 Yoon Jooeun: “I’m writing this representing Ahyun, Hyemie and Heejin.. Like what Suyeon said, please unblock her on Kakao talk messages and lets figure this out through messages okay? If we do this, it is just going to get messy.. I apologize for cussing at you earlier and I won’t report this post so please delete this… Lets talk more in detail through messages so unblock us on Kakao messages.”

Park Suyeon: “It seems that you blocked me on Kakao messages so I’m posting this comment. I hope you please delete this post. I already apologized through messages of all the pain I caused you through bullying so I hope you see my apologies after you unblock me. I was angry at first when my friends told me you posted this but I understand now after thinking back how much I bullied you. Please delete this. Don’t ruin someone’s life because of this and help me… I beg you. Once you unblock us on Kakao messages, we will delete these comments. I told my friends to delete all of the bad comments about you and told them to apologize to you. We are really in regret so please take this post down I beg you. I apologize… Please think of me and don’t ruin my life. I’m really sorry… I’m really sorry until I run out of breath.”

[ +350 / 2] This could lead to SM entertainment kicking this trainee out unless her face is one of the prettiest

[ +178 / -1] But really.. if she gets cut, doesn’t that mean she might bully this person more? If that happens, her characteristic is trash…. I heard she is 16 Korean age (14-15).. Hey you should gather evidence and send it to SM’s email and let us know what happens afterwards!

Source: Pann