Netizens are going CRAZY over this idol for one special reason

It seems that one of the most attractive physical traits in male idols for fans is broad shoulders, something that is purely genetic and unchanging.

Recently, a fan on Pann (a Korean website similar to Reddit) made an entire post focused on JYJ’s Park Yoochun; drawing attention specifically to his broad shoulders.

The user dubbed Yoochun a “Shoulder Gangster.” In Korean slang, the term gangster is attached to a certain feature, often times physical, to refer to a person who makes fans swoon simply by showing off their feature. In this case, it seems that a recent outfit of Yoochun’s drew much attention to his shoulders and fans were quick to agree!

Koreaboo has translated the original posters comments as well as the photos compiled for the post.

Park Yoochun has truly earned the title of shoulder gangster. He has been like this since debut and still lives up to that name today….

Park Yoochun Shoulders 1

When he’s wearing this knit [sweater]……. ahh……his shoulders..Park Yoochun Shoulders 2

His shoulders are broad enough that he is allowed to brag about them…Park Yoochun Shoulders 3

Seriously, can’t see anything else but his shoulders………..Park Yoochun Shoulders 4

the symbol of masculinity: shoulders, God given shoulders ㅠㅠPark Yoochun Shoulders 5

Freaking handsome ㅠㅠ Pink suits him well, ah so good looking ㅠㅠPark Yoochun Shoulders 6

Oh how happy I would be if I had a boyfriend like him hahahahaPark Yoochun Shoulders 7

I love you <3 please accept my love hehehePark Yoochun Shoulders 8

The true shot of a shoulder gangsterPark Yoochun Shoulders 9

His face is okay too but his shoulders are more heart fluttering……..Park Yoochun Shoulders 10

Some Netizens agreed while others brought up idols that shared the trait.

[+42, – 50] Why are his shoulders of public interest? hahaha oh, so you have asthma, now? I pity my dongsaeng [referring to Yoochun] who will serve active duty

[+31, -10] I went to their fan meeting, his shoulders are 52 cm (20.5 inches)….bbbbPark Yoochun Shoulders 11

[+28, -5] You could’ve just posted one picture, this many pictures is a bit much. We all know that Park Yoochun’s shoulders are broad, don’t do oba about it. Let’s do in moderation. I’m ashamed for him, should I post Kim Woobin‘s shoulders instead?

[+19, -1] Song Joong Ki Song Joong Ki Shoulders


[+16, -5] He gets lovelier as he ages hehe the pink sweater suits him..

[+14, -3] Look at his shoulders…I want to hug him…. hehehehehe

Source: Pann

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