Netizens are going crazy over Tiffany’s self composed song

On Pann, a post was made recently titled, “Tiffany’s bittersweet & crazy is crazy good….”

Tiffany performed this piece on September 5th on Yoo Hee Yeol.

The original poster wrote out the lyrics and said, “You need to listen to this, the lyrics are so pretty and the song is so good. You need to read the lyrics while you listen to it.”

Bittersweet & crazy
A little bit of drama is alright with me, boy
Only when it’s real it spins you round n around n around
Thought I’ll take the pain and hurt
If we’re gonna make it work
Are you down for the ride cuz I’m down
So tell me you’ll always be mine
You’ll stay by my side and boy never let me go
Love is bittersweet and crazy,
It’s crazy baby
There’s no other way to take it,
No other way
But I promise you will see
Ain’t no other way to love me babe
Bittersweet & crazy

[+ 12, – 1] She said this is the first song she’s written..I can only imagine how good her next songs will be ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ there are a lot of talented artists in SM too but they have no chance to show it

[+ 11, -1 ] Seriously she was crazy yesterday I want the mp 3 file to it ㅋㅋㅋ SM concepts are great but I wish they would let their artists do their self composed pieces too…Jonghyun barely made it with his solo albums too

Source: Pann