Netizens harshly criticize SECRET’s Hyosung, accusing her of plastic surgery

SECRET’s Hyosung has received some negative feedback from netizens on recent photos she shared via Twitter on February 2nd.

The pictures, which included two selcas, were taken during the shooting of IAC. She tweeted, “I’m really sorry and thankful for SECRET all at the same time. Watch out for colds.”

However, many netizens were surprised when they saw the post, making statements on how different she looked, commenting, “who..?”, “Why does her face change every time I see her?”, “She looked better before,” “It looks like she caked makeup on”, and “Power of procedures?”.

Hyosung is not a stranger to sharing various selcas on social media, even without makeup on. Meanwhile, Hyosung along with SECRET will be holding their first official fan club meeting later this month.

Take a look at the photos below:

Source: Xportsnews