Netizens impressed with VIXX’s height

Heights often vary among idols in a group, but netizens were really impressed with VIXX‘s members and their height after seeing recent photos of the group. 

After seeing a recent photo of the Jellyfish Entertainment singers standing next to a refrigerator, netizens noticed how tall the members of the group really are. Although they are known for their incredible synchronized dance choreography, the photo also showed that the members’ heights are also incredibly impressive. Whereas the refrigerator they stood next to stands at a daunting 184cm, the group members seemed to match if not beat that height in the recent photo.





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[+ 109, – 4] Taecwoon’s too tall for ice cream ㅋㅋㅋ


[+ 98, – 2] Jaehwan looks really small because of his face but look at how tall he is…..I heard VIXX members don’t even use insoles


[+ 86, -2 ] The tall ones are VIXX


Source: Pann