Netizens impressed by Kim So Hyun’s ability to change facial expressions

Kim So Hyun is known for being a good actress despite her young age, but netizens were impressed by her incredible ability to quickly change facial expressions. 

On several different occasions, the young actress displayed her ability to switch between a large smile and a straight face, displaying her ability to portray both emotions convincingly but also switching swiftly. After seeing gifs of the actress’s impressive talent, many netizens have complimented the young star.

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  • So cute ㅋㅋㅋ
  • She looks more and more like Son Ye Jin every year
  • It always amazes me how quickly actors can harness emotions.
  • They must be smiling inside in that last gif
  • She goes from cutie to a scary B**ch so fast it’s crazy

Source: Daum