Netizens in an uproar over unequal treatment of fans at EXO’luXion Concert

On the first week of March, EXO started their tour for their second concert, “EXO’luXion”, in Seoul. The demands for their concert were so high, that they even added another date for the second week of the concert, having a total of 5 days for their concert on March 7th, 8th, 13th, 14th, and 15th.

However, attendees of EXO’s second concert have showed disdain and anger for the unannounced changes between the first week and second week concerts.

There were many things that changed, a total of 8 that the netizens compiled. First, they changed “Playboy” to Sehun and Lay, while Kai danced alone. Second, for “Machine”, there was no female model in the first week while there was in the second week. Third, the second week concert dates had a dubstep version of “Growl”. Fourth, they changed the video for “Promise”. Fifth, the second week also had a double encore with “Thunder” and “Into Your World”. Sixth, the first week concerts were under 3 hours while the second week concerts went over 3 hours. Seventh, there were some outfit changes, like Xiumin’s mesh outfit that showed off his abs. Eighth, there was a marshmallow and sign ball event during the second week of concerts.

exo marshmallow 1

exo marshmallow

exo sign ball

Fans who attended the first week of concerts have explained that they were unhappy because they paid the same amount of money (110,000 Korean Won), but did not get the same treatment as the second week attendees. Some attendees went to Twitter to express their thoughts.


“I’m not just raging for not being able to go.. I paid the same amount of money but the first and second week are different.. And it wasn’t just a change of the order of songs, but an addition of more songs. Or at least let us know by an announcement that there might be a change in the contents of the concert..”

exo twitter

“It’s like when someone next to you bought the exact same thing for the exact same price but the person next to you got free gifts and I didn’t. F*** of course this would make me f****** mad.”

There has been more and more fans who have showed their discontent, while the concert is still going on until this Sunday, the 15th of March. SM Entertainment has yet to release a statement about the recent changes to their concert.

Source: Instiz