Netizens in awe after old photo of Five Girls resurfaces on the internet

Before female idols UEE, Hyosung, Yubin, and Jiwon joined their respective groups, they were part of a girl group Five Girls that was set to debut with solo singer G.NA as their leader. 

Despite the photo being from back in 2007, it has resurfaced and has been brought up on several internet forums in Korea. Netizens analyzed the photo of the girls from eight years ago and discussed the appearance changes of the former members.

Since then, the girls are now pursuing their respective careers with UEE in After School, Hyosung in SECRET, Yubin in Wonder Girls, Jiwon in SPICA, and G.NA as a soloist.

1. [+5,580, -130] I doubt they would’ve been successful if they debuted as this group. They shine right now because the other members of their current groups help them shine but if they debuted as Five Girls, some of them would be buried like the other members of their groups now ㅋㅋ I’m still amazed that their CEO was even able to put together a group like this

2. [+5,263, -235] SPICA is struggling so hard;;;; one of the teams that I really wish would do well

3. [+4,595, -436] They all look different now aside from Yubin, don’t look the same at all;;

5 Girls

5 girls 2

5 girls 3

Source: TV Report