Netizens in love with TWICE’s adorable interactions with maknae Chaeyoung

Although the members rookie girl group TWICE are all still quite young, netizens couldn’t help but notice how much they adore their maknae Chaeyoung

Member Tzuyu might be the first to come to mind when fans think about TWICE’s maknae, but member Chaeyoung was also born in the same year, making her the JYP Entertainment group’s other maknae. Although the two share the title, however, fans are arguing that the cute interactions between the members definitely show that Chaeyoung is the true adored baby of the group. Photos of the group’s cute interactions with Chaeyoung can be found below:

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[+ 36, – 3] Our Son Chaeng~

[+ 30, – 15] I love you Chaeyoung

[+ 27, – 1] So cute

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