Netizens leave harsh comments towards Ailee sharing her difficult past

Ailee guested on the February 22nd episode of Did You Eat. After the airing, netizens left harsh comments as Ailee shared the difficulties in her past.

On the show, Ailee stated, “There were times when I wanted to give up on being a singer. I can’t remember how long I dreamed of becoming a singer. I think my secret to success was not giving up. At times it was really hard. I didn’t know the American or the Korean entertainment industry very well so there were people who were trying to use me. Getting here wasn’t very easy.”

Lee Young Ja responded, “I thought your career was a Cinderella story but I guess not.”

Netizens, however, did not seem very receptive of her story and left negative comments regarding her past. Some even brought up the hurtful incident where her nude photos were leaked online.

1. [+ 759, – 119] Well you stripped yourself, why are you playing the victim?

2. [+ 712, – 117] No matter what happened, you took those clothes off yourself. Why would you be the victim?

3. [+ 584, – 82] Ailee admittedly sings very well, but your personal life needs to be clean to look good in the public’s eyes.

Source: TV Daily