Netizens list down the idol groups with the hardest choreographies

In a latest thread on Pann, netizens list down the idols with the hardest choreographies to dance with. 

In a post popularly commented on Pann on June 25, netizens list down the hardest choreography danced by idols which included SHINee, INFINITE, BTS and more.

Specifically, netizens pointed out tracks such as “Sherlock” and “Everybody!” as the hardest choreographies done by the group with the techniques specific to the members only.

It was also agreed that INFINITE, who is known for their precise dancing, tackled the most precise choreography for their “scorpion dance” for “Before The Dawn,” while BTS is mentioned for their intricate dance styles in “Danger” and “I Need U.”

In the post that gathered favorable responses, netizens also mentioned other artists such as EXO and TEEN TOP in terms of the level of difficulty in their choreographies.

Do you agree with their rankings?

Source: Pann