[★TRENDING] Korean Journalist & Netizens in love with EXO’s comeback as innocent boys

Netizens are swarming to show their love for EXO in an op-ed written by Korean journalist Nam Ujung who calls EXO “innocent boys” for their comeback.

In the op-ed, the writer describes EXO’s comeback as something completely different and unique, with the artists showing a different style for each stage performance. He writes, “EXO’s ‘Love Me Right’ stage outfits don’t pan out from a centralized concept. The members show off completely different style of outfits on each broadcast stages.”

The author continues to swoon over the boys stating, “EXO until now have had very powerful and charismatic concepts with ‘Growl’, ‘Overdose’ and ‘Call Me Baby’, however with their new song ‘Love Me Right’ they seem more relaxed in their choreography as well as style. They have transformed into innocent, cute boys.”

Netizens loved the op-ed and revealed in the comments:

[+ 3258, – 260] I find myself smiling along with the members because they visibly appear to be enjoying themselves. They’re always so hardworking and humble I love them!

[+ 2690, – 225] So cute ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

[+ 2591, – 203] I love that they’re so bright and smiling on stage ㅋㅋㅋ

[+2346, – 203] I like exo these days. Fighting!

[+2297, – 215] We are one! EXO I love you~♡

Source: MBN