Netizens MOCK Lee Soo Man’s “RIDICULOUS” Plans For New K-Pop Rookie Group

Netizens mock SM Entertainment‘s presentation regarding their plan for their upcoming rookie group.

Earlier, we reported that SM Entertainment’s revealed their future plans for their upcoming new rookie group which was presented by producer and founder Lee Soo Man himself on January 27th.

Lee Soo Man promised that the new rookie group NCT, also known has ‘New Culture Technology’ or ‘Neo Culture Technology,’ will break boundaries of any traditional idol groups in the past.

A few of their unique characteristics will be that the group’s amount of members will not be restricted to a set amount with any of the member(s) freely given the choice to join and exit depending on the conditions.

However, after initial reports, netizens and fans are not pleased with SM’s new ideas.

Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

[ +3314 / -135] Is the online scammer going to be on the group? (referring to SM Rookies Taeyong)

[ +3060 / -154] He means that they are going to make idols like products from a factory before selling them

[ +2665 / -50] Freely to join and exit the group??…

[ +2102 / -77] This is something I highly disagree with..;;;

[ +1581 / -58] This is way too much…

[ +467 / -8] This is a promotion that is already happening with Japan’s AKB48. I don’t think it would work in Korea’s fandom culture where we think exiting = betrayal and gain fan = antifans.

[ +465 / -9] Are there too many trainees awaiting their debut?

[ +368 / -15] Freely to exit and join hahahahaha This is a mess.

[ +363 / -18] Why is he trying to be Steve Jobs all of a sudden… The more promotion added to their predebut, the bigger mess it is. I hope they can handle this…

Source: X Sports