Netizens moved by Jessi’s tears on “Unpretty Rapstar”

On the final episode of Mnet’s Unpretty Rapstar, which aired on the March 26th, Jessi became overwhelmed with emotion during her interview.

During the interview, she said, “I became so close with everyone and like you may have seen with Lil Cham, it was really sad. It was unfortunate that she battled with me and she couldn’t even say what was on her mind. She still hugged me saying unnie and that...” Before the rapper could finish her train of though, she teared up to the point of not finishing her sentence.

After regaining her composure, Jessi added, “Everyone, including Jace who was eliminated, Tymee unnie, everyone feels like family. I didn’t know I would get so attached, really. It just felt like a family reunion after all the hard feelings went away. You know what I mean?

After seeing Jessi tear up and spill out her true feelings, even netizens were moved. Top comments on forums include:

1. [+ 543, – 31] When she was saying “Midget” in her lyrics I was a little embarrassed but I had no idea she was such a softie. Jessi crying I can’t believe it.

2. [+488, – 33] Jessi used to say we are not a team ㅎㅎ I like how she puts up a strong front but she’s cool when it comes to admitting things! It was good to see Lil Cham again~ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+ 361, – 23] Now what am I going to do on Thursday nights. I’ll miss you all a lot

Take a look at her emotional interview here:

Source: Xports News