[★TRENDING] Netizens obsess over the faces of “Trendy Gangnam hyungs”

Netizens have been obsessing over one of the latest hot topics, the “trendy Gangnam hyungs” who have distinctive features that capture the hearts of many. 

According to netizens, “Trendy Gangnam hyungs” are described to have the following features:

– Stuck out, spatula looking chin

– Cheeks and forehead that are about to explode

– A pretty mouth that always finds something to suck on

– Dark eyes and eyelids that are about to stick together due to double eyelid surgery

– Eyes are too wide – enough to see nearly all the white parts of their eyeballs

– Huge chalk-like noses compared to their small eyes

– Foreheads covered by bangs that underline their dark neck, with serious shedding here and there

– Thick and brown eyebrows

– Prefer to wear deep V necked shirts and jackets

Netizens replied to trend with much enthusiasm, many commenting about a famous Korean ulzzang, Han Jin Ho who they deem fits the profile perfectly. Some of their comments have been translated below:

1. [+233, -1] Real Han Jin Ho

2. [+174, -21] Isn’t Park Tae Joon just like this?

trendy gangnam hyung

3. [+134, -3] Han Jin Ho

4. [+126, -2] Definitely Han Jin Ho

trendy gangnam hyung

5. [+97, -6] I’ve never seen or met a guy who looks like that. Is it because I live in the countryside?

6. [+96, -1] Han Jin Ho is exactly like this

trendy gangnam hyung

7. [+83, -0] Looks like a fob, I really hate it

8. [+74, -29] There was a Pann post of a part-time worker at Park Myung Soo’s club and he looks just like that ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

trendy gangnam hyung

9. [+62, -11] People say men in this generation wear makeup, but I don’t like it. I can understand men wearing sunscreen to protect their skin, but I don’t like how they wear eyeliner and stuff to make their face paleㅋㅋ It looks gay ㅋㅋ

Source: Pann