Netizens discuss the top 3 K-pop girl groups

After year-end promotions, it was quite clear that Girls’ Generation has solidified their status as the top girl group in all of K-pop right now.

However, netizens noticed that it was unclear who else belongs in the ranks of the elite girl groups in the industry. With news of KARA disbanding and 2NE1 still on an indefinite hiatus, netizens speculated which up and coming girl group would rise to the occasion and compete with  SM Entertainment‘s seemingly unrivaled group.

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I’m really curious. Back in the old days, it used to be Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation, and KARA. 
Who are the Top 3 girl groups right now? Girls’ Generation is there for sure, but I have no idea about the rest.
I’m not talking about who stayed there the longest, but their current popularity.

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[+ 223, – 48] I think SNSD is pretty much the top followed by APink, f(x) and Girl’s Day?

[+ 185, – 38] I thought of SNSD, APink and SISTAR….fanbase is SNSD, albums are SISTAR and APink does well too

[+ 184, – 40] Looking at albums and songs I would say SNSD, f(x) and APink?

[+ 91, – 4] SNSD and APink do steadily well and f(x) too but f(x) seems a little lacking in impact

[+ 77 , – 9 ] I can’t think of another group on level with SNSD.

[+ 66, – 22] SNSD, TaeTiSeo and Taeyeon.

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